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YASSS! We made it through another year alive and well. Welcome to December my friends. For me, December is a month of reflection and goal setting. So many things happened this year; I finished the courses needed to apply to a nursing program, traveled to Europe for a second time but new territory, visited family and friends, I became vegan, I started my blog. It feels nice to close out a successful year with so much accomplished and begin new adventures.

Next year, I travel to Asia, I’ll get confirmation into a nursing program hopefully start in Fall 2018 and start my new journey toward my dream career. Another goal of mine is eating a more plant based cuisine and stay away from processed vegan food. Vegans have their fast food too. Not to mention all the beauty products I’ve replaced because majority of them have animal byproducts, which I’ll save for another post. But besides that I have a list going so I can remember what I want to accomplish and stay in action!

What are some of your goals or past accomplished reflections? I’d love to know.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Yes, speak it into existence! You will start school again in the fall! Happy for you and your accomplishments this year and the next. I’ll also be looking forward to your next beauty blog as I have made the conversion to cruelty free/ vegan beauty products myself and would love to hear your thoughts and/ or suggestions.

    1. NICE Becs! Right?! I will get into the program lol. I’ve found some products and I want to share and are all vegan, can’t wait. Love you.

  2. So much accomplishment this year.. and next year: WE WILL be starting Nursing school. By this time next year, we will be done with our first semester! 25% done! Woo HOOO – I cannot wait!
    I will be leaving a job I’ve been at for over 20 years.
    I will be healthier!
    and there is so much more.
    I’m so excited for Yule!! The celebration of the return of the Light! new beginnings, letting go of the old.
    Life is such an incredible blessing.
    Blessed Be and Namaste’.

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