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Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog and Happy Wednesday! Since we were already talking about bodily functions a few blogs ago, has anyone ever wondered why our pee is yellow? Weird, I know. But pee is important, it’s one of the many ways our body communicates with us. Most of us know that the darker the pee the more dehydrated you are and vice versa, the lighter your pee the more hydrated you are. But why is it yellow?

Urine gets its color from from a pigment called urochrome or urobilin. The levels of urobilin can give insight on our urinary tract system and how well it’s preforming. So if you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection and given a sample, the amount of urobilin is what the lab was looking for.

In addition to being yellow, your urine can also turn brown or even green. It can turn brown from foods you eat or worse from serious issues such as liver or kidney disorders. Disorders with these vital organs should be taken seriously and if you’re experiencing this color pee regularly, a doctor visit should be in your near future. Here’s a chart you can use to gauge yourself.

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But for the majority of us, its mainly our water intake. Isn’t the worst feeling in the world to be or feel dehydrated! I notice my body gets really dehydrated after a night of drinking alcohol. I wake up with a headache but even worse so parched. And in the mornings your body is dehydrated from sleeping for 8 hours with no water. I make sure I have water with me at all times, when I wake, and when I travel. Does everyone enjoy water as much as I do? If we knew how good water was for us would we drink more?

Next week my blog will be about the benefits of water. Water isn’t just for hydration, it’s much more than that so I can’t wait to share. I’ll leave you with this question; Are you drinking enough water?



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