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Hi Everyone! Happy Hump Day! And Wellness Wednesday! I recently became certified in Basic Life Support to be compliant with my nursing application process. Have you ever thought about taking this class? There are plenty of organisations that offer it such as C2C Ottawa. For me, before being required to take this class, I always thought about how exactly this saves lives. And was it only for healthcare providers? The answer is anyone can take the class and I’ve learned more recently that new parents are taught these skills after having a baby. Which makes sense because these skills would definitely be knowledgeable if ever you need it. Knowing these skills can help save lives in the early seconds of compromised life.

Did you know the chest compression you see are actually to help continue spread the oxygenated blood to the brain? Even after the heart temporarily stops your blood is still oxygenated and the brain still needs that blood supply. Without it loss of oxygen to the brain could result in brain damage. I thought chest compression’s were to help pump the heart! Hopefully I’m not the only one who thought that. But in actuality only an electric current can reset the heart to start pumping properly again. Has anyone ever seen an AED device? I have and never knew what they were. It stands for Automated External Defibrillator and these are used to restart the electrical current in the heart to create a steady heartbeat. You know in the movies when they say ‘CLEAR’ that’s what this device is for.

My experience is this class was awesome and I would encourage anyone interested in CPR or Heimlich maneuver to take this class. You just never know when life can be compromised right in front of you. These basic skills can really save someone’s life. My boyfriend decided to come too and passed as well! So our household is BSL certified. YAY!

To get more information on a BLS class, you can go where I went:

Cost is $50 and you’ll be certified for 2 years.

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Hong Kong, February 2018


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