Happy New Year

Welcome back everyone! Happy Friday! 2018 has finally arrived, hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas and New Year break. I think I spent majority of the time trying to avoid getting sick and thank goodness I succeeded! I shared some of my goals in my December post and those still ring true. Over the holiday I had time to reflect, while traveling back home, on where I came from and where I am now and I’m counting my blessings even more this year.

I usually travel to Northern California for Christmas to reconnect with family and get back to my roots. It’s crazy how coming back to a place you’ve been as a child brings sweet memories. That happened for me when I visited the San Jose Rose Gardens,  I literally haven’t been back there since I was probably 5 years old or maybe younger. I also drove down old roads reminiscing on what my life was like in my teens and early 20’s. Not much had changed except maybe updated buildings but the small town, country vibe was still the same. The real change, though, was with me and my personal growth. How I went from a headstrong know-it-all to an open minded woman still seeking to grow. The trip down memory lane reminded me of a quote I read from Nelson Mandela:

Image result for there is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged meaning

My mindset, goals, perspective, my circle of friends, hobbies, attitude on life have all been altered in my adulthood. A few days before the New Year, I flew back to my current home in San Diego and was immediately looking for some kind of connection to my ‘normal’ life. The next morning I did yoga and found what I was looking for. The meditation in that class was so essential for my mind and body. The yoga teacher acknowledged that during the holidays (especially) we give so much of ourselves that we come to yoga to regenerate our self love because how can we give love without starting with ourselves first. Surely we all know we can’t pour from an empty cup. I came out of class with a sense of peace and the realization that all the acts of self love, great or small, had manifested the people and experiences in my life to bring me where I am today. I did yoga for a second time before we rang in the New Year just to get some extra love before closing the chapter of 2017. Like so many chapters before it I look forward to what this new year has in store for me. I’m hopeful, I’m up for the challenge.

I saw this post on Instagram and thought I’d share it here and use it as a reminder for myself we as well:

It’s January, we have an opportunity to create a fresh start. I’m making this one count and I hope you are too. Which intentions resonate with you?



New Year’s Eve 2017, San Diego

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