New Year, Same Motivated Student

Hello! Thank you for following and/or visiting the Health Wellness and Beauty Blog. I’ve been on a hiatus since starting school last year. My dream came true when I started nursing school and now I’m in the process completing the program. I have 3 semesters to go, which means I’ll be graduating as a Registered Nurse in May 2020. While in school, my main goal is to focus and enjoy the process. The process so far has been rigorous and challenging however I look forward to continuing until complete!

And thank goodness for winter break, I’ve been able to catch up with friends and mentally absorb the good energy they bring me. I’m so thankful for my support system at home and my family that I can call whenever. My sister is actually going through the RN step up program so she’s in the same boat I am which is extra comforting. My goals for this year are to complete the next two semesters and enjoy my summer vacation while also planning my next move. Another goal of mine is to maintain the plant based diet I started in summer of last year. I want to workout when I can, especially during school breaks, update my blog more consistently, and stay connected to my friends and family through calls, texts and funny memes.

One of goals from last year was to obtain a healthcare position job which I managed to do right when first semester ended in December. I’m currently using my Certified Nurse Assistant license at a healthcare facility. This will allow me to start my experience in the healthcare field and gain knowledge of how patient care should look.

My ultimate goal after school would be to become an aesthetic nurse in the field of beauty. Hence why I created this blog to keep me connected to that passion and remind myself why I started this journey in the first place. As more milestones arise, I’ll update my blog to share my experience. Until then, share your New Year resolutions and goals for 2019.

Talk soon,


My love and I, NYE 2019