R stands for Relationship

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WOW! What an amazing 3 weeks, I took a trip to France, Italy and Norway for a summer vacation and now I’m back!! The travel was amazing and definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I hope I have an opportunity to revisit Paris sooner than later because that city is by far was my favorite place despite the cloudy days and rainy weather we endured. None the less the food was exceptionally good. Visiting Norway was awesome because my mother’s side of the family is from there and it was nice to reconnect with that part of my heritage. And lastly, Italy was more of a day trip where we had a mini family reunion with my boyfriends family. His family was so welcoming and hospitable, it just reminds us how grateful we are for family and no matter how much time passes the love is always there.

And to continue with the Wellness Wednesday posts, today we are on letter R and R stands for Relationship, talk about perfect timing. If you are just tuning in to my blog I’ve been doing a Wellness Wednesday post from a series done by Deepak Chopra and Adam Plack called ‘The Soul of Healing Affirmations.’ This is one of my favorite series from Deepak because it goes from A-Z and its very easy to follow along not to mention the words as they resonate so nice and bring back purpose into ones life. ‘Nothing exists by itself, all things are interrelated.’ True, true. Enjoy.

‘ R stands for Relationship

Today, I will put my attention to inter beingness

In the words of Lord Buddha: ‘Nothing exists by itself, all things are interrelated’

He said we are ‘inter beings that inter arise in the inter is-ness’

Today, I will put my attention on the inter relatedness of all that exists

Today, I will understand the true meaning of relationship

Because it is through relationship that everything exists

Today, I will realize that we are all a web of relationships

That the whole universe conspires to create every event in our lives

Today I will look at a beautiful flower and I will see rainbows and sunshine and earth and water and wind and the infinite void and the whole history of the universe pretending to be a flower

Today I will look at myself and experience the whole universe within me pretending to be a person

Through the web of relationships, I will see my inter beingness

Today, I will pay attention to relationship’



My travel partner and I in Nice, France