Y stands for Yes to Life

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Happy Wellness Wednesday! We’re almost complete with the Deepak Chopra series ‘The Soul of Healing Affirmations’ and its bittersweet but endings mean new beginnings. If you’re just joining me, I’ve been posting on this series since the beginning of the year with one letter each week going from A to Z. Today’s message really resonates with me because for a year and a half I’ve been working toward this goal, becoming a Registered Nurse. And the next BIG step in finally here, enrolling in a program. There are so many doubts in my head about not getting in and I have to constantly remind myself everything happens for a reason and fighting that just causes me anxiety. Although I won’t know the outcome until the end of this year/beginning of next year I continue to stay positive in knowing I’ve worked really hard to get here and truly believe this is my path.

I hope you enjoy this message as much as I did.

‘Y stands for Yes to Life

Today I will say Yes to life

I will understand that everything is as is because the whole Universe is as is

I will not struggle against the Universe by resisting what is was

When things don’t seem to go my way, I will let go of my idea of how things should be

Trusting that I do not know the big picture

If I could see the big picture I would see that everything is as is

Because the Universe is as is

By saying Yes to life I will be in harmony with the elements and forces of the whole Universe’



My friends and I in Balboa Park Botanical Gardens, San Diego

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