You’re such a LUSH!!


One of my favorite stores is Lush. Have you been?? It’s awesome. I’m hooked on the shampoo bar or as my boyfriend likes to call it, ‘poo bar.

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It works just like a bar of soap in that you lather it up and use the foam to clean your hair. This blue one contains seaweed to make your hair silky smooth and sea salt for that va va voom volume.

The other product I was turned on to, by my hair dresser, was the deodorant bar, aromaco. I was afraid at first to go from my usual antiperspirant because let’s face it no one wants to smell like b.o. but I haven’t been disappointed so far.

Image result for lush aromaco

They also have tons of bathing items that I’ll try and put up a review next time.

Ciao Bella!