‘Essential Oils might be the new Antibiotics’

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The title of this post is straight from the lecture slides in my Microbiology class. We learned on Tuesday (1/21/17) that, we as students, will be testing essential oils in the lab to see if they actually work against bacteria! After reading that my interest in this class went from level 10 to level 1000. Not only do I love the scent of essential oils but they are plant derived AND they can help our bodies fight against bacterial infections. It’s so easy to get your hands on them from suppliers like Rouh Essentials India too. If I wasn’t recommended to look into companies such as Healing Solutions, I don’t think I would know as much about essential oils like I do now. It is pretty interesting to know about the benefits all the oils do for our bodies. This is something I would recommend anyone who is interested in health, wellness and skincare to look into. I can’t contain my excitement and I’ll be ready to take notes on this in particular. What’s better than testing something and finding out the results on your own? Nothing in opinion, ‘the proof is in the pudding!’ as they say.

Never did I think I would have this much interest in Microbiology. But this is a subject that ALL of us should be interested in especially if you’re attentive to your health AND want to stay healthy in the most natural way possible, like me. For years we’ve been reading articles about the ‘Super Bug.’ What is a ‘Super Bug?’ It is an antibiotic resistant bacteria, which means there are bacteria that we CAN NOT kill. Pretty scary because people can die from these bacteria. These living things we can’t even see with the naked eye but co-exist with us.

Now I don’t want to send you in a panic spiral because not all bacteria is bad, as we’ve come to learn. We need bacteria to live. The flora in our gut is considered the good bacteria, for example. But the point of this post is cause AWARENESS. I’ve learned in my class the main cause of the ‘Super Bug’ is due to factory farms. Yes, farms where they our beef and chickens are raised for consumption. My teacher promised as this class goes on she will prove to us why this is so. I can hardly wait to share.

In the meantime what we can focus on is where our food comes from. Do your RESEARCH. Eat organic, non-GMO, grass fed meat, pasture raised eggs and anything with ingredients we can actually pronounce. Lets start there and keep going because remember you are what you eat.

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Love and Happiness,