Monday Night Dinner Staple

Photo taken from snapchat: melyjg

Seared Ahi & Cauliflower Fried ‘Rice’

Since we’ve made this twice in two weeks, it’s safe to say we’ve mastered this dish and it has now become a staple. My boyfriend does the searing and I cook the fried ‘rice.’ TEAMWORK.

So funny story, last night we ran out of soy sauce. WHAT?! Soy sauce is essential in making the fried rice AND use as dipping sauce for the Ahi. There was a little debate as whether or not we needed more. My response: ‘Of course we do!’ How can one enjoy the meal in its entirety unless all ingredients are present? Luckily there’s a little convenient store about 2 blocks away and our soy sauce problem was solved. All was well.

I found the best cauliflower fried rice recipe on Pinterest, of course. Click on the link and it’ll take you straight to the recipe! I’ve tried one other recipe and found this one works best for my taste buds. I did, however, tweak it a tiny bit. I don’t use brown sugar with the soy sauce mixture simply because I’m reducing the amount of sugar I consume.

The Ahi tuna was purchased from Blue Water Seafood, a fantastic place to eat fish tacos or just pick up any kind of fish. Super fresh and the line of people is always out the door which usually suggested this place must be doing something right. I included the company website in the link above.

And here is another photo fresh off the grill, as they say:

Photo taken from snapchat: melyjg



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