Wellness Wednesday, D stands for the Divinity in Me

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This week we continue on ‘The Soul of Healing Affirmations’ by Deepak Chopra with the letter D.

‘D is stands for the Divinity in Me.

Today, I will remind myself that the Divine flame fuels and sparks the passion of my soul

I will remind myself that Divine Intelligence is the spark of life that animates every cell in my body

When I put my awareness inside my body, I will feel Divine energy coursing through my vessels, and bubbling in every cell of my body

I will remind myself that my body is a field of Divine Energy, Divine Intelligence, Divine Organization at the level of being

I will know that Infinity is contained in this little vessel that I call my body

I will realize that Affluence, Abundance, Infinity and Unboundedness are my very nature

I will put my attention within myself til my whole being resonates and flows in the unbounded glory of Infinite Divine unbounded Intelligence as it flows through me’


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