My First Post! #ArtisMakeupBrush

Welcome to my lifestyle blog! If you haven’t read my ‘About Me’ page, my name is Melissa and I created this blog to share my personal review on products and insightful posts related to health, wellness and everything beauty. I started this ‘passion project’ on Instagram a few years ago when I decided to go back to school to get my Nursing degree with an interest in the beauty industry. Being a nurse has always been a passion of mine and living in a household where the women out numbered the men I grew a passion for quality beauty products.

See in my family having two sisters the majority of our conversations are about makeup, beauty products, hair luster, good eyebrows, selfies and eyelashes… and don’t you dare forget the eyelashes! I’d like to think of myself as a makeup pro, and I aspire to one day make my own makeup products. I absolutely LOVE Sephora so if I was to create my own products I’d definitely jump onto RangeMe and expose my brand to the biggest retailers, aka Sephora! How cool would it be to be part of sephora wholesale distributors! That being said, I’d like to dedicate my first post to my lovely sister, Vanessa. This past Christmas she gifted me with an awesome gift, an Artis makeup brush!! I’ve seen this brush on makeup videos and wondered what the hype was about. Then out of the blue Vanessa emailed me raving about how she tried this new brush and ‘its like getting a mini face massage in the morning.’ Curious, I googled it and wasn’t too fond of the price especially considering I have a decent set of make up brushes currently. Lucky for me Christmas was around the corner and she seized her opportunity to force me to try something new! So glad she did, love her dearly for that.


Product & Review:

Product: Artis Makeup Brush Oval 8

Oval 8


Review: I friggin love this thing! It really is like getting a mini face massage in the morning. The bristles on this brush are super fine yet the brush head is sturdy. I apply tinted moisturizer on my face and ‘brush’ my face until everything is blended. No more face and neck discoloration! There are different sizes and this particular size is for full face coverage. And the nice thing is I can wash it after every use.

Plus my boyfriend approves. *Big Smile*

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