Salmon, It’s what’s for Dinner


Actual photo taken on Snapchat: melyjg

Goal in Life: Eat Healthier

Dinner last night: Salmon, brussels sprouts with arugula & spinach salad (olive oil & lemon vinaigrette)

The amount of garlic I used would probably not be tolerable for anyone else not from Gilroy, CA (Garlic Capital of the World). My boyfriend enjoyed it so that’s what matters. The brussels were almost annihilated because the recipe calls for the oven to be at 450 degrees which chars the outside and mushes in the inside. I didn’t mind it but still seemed overcooked. The salmon, OMG, melt in your mouth delicious. But then again I don’t think I can live without salmon. What can I say I’m Norwegian, its in my blood to love seafood, specifically salmon.

The recipe is up on my Pinterest, where I find most of the my delicious recipes.

Ha Det Bra! (Goodbye in Norwegian)