There is a Reason for every Season

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Hello and welcome to my blog and if you’re returning welcome back! When I have a lot on my mind, I love getting back to basics. I committed to my blog early this year as an outlet to remain in touch with my life goals which are maintaining my mental and physical health and opting to use cruelty free beauty products. I also started this year off in my third semester at a community college to complete my prerequisites for a nursing program and since that ended in May, I am now able to apply to a program. The nursing program journey is exciting but also gets me anxious, patience and persistence are the two words I would describe this experience as. Thank goodness for my boyfriend and study buddy for keeping me sane.  And then not to mention going vegan for the past 3 months has been quite the journey as well. It’s not easy living in a meat eating world when you’re a vegan but eating at home and using Pinterest as my cookbook have shown to be my best bet for maintaining the vegan lifestyle.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve posted a well being post every Wednesday creating what I call ‘Wellness Wednesday.’ Wednesdays are the middle of the week and whether I’m struggling just to get through the day or smooth sailing, I have my blog as an outlet to reflect on either of those scenarios. I recently wrapped up the series I was sharing from Deepak Chopra called ‘The Soul of Healing Affirmations’ which was extraordinary, highly recommend reading through them if you get a chance. He speaks on a few new concepts but for the most part it was more about applying those concepts rather then just listening to them. Today I want to start the Wellness Wednesday posts with enlightened personalized emails I’ve been receiving for the past 6 years now from I originally heard about these emails from a friend of mine and have received one everyday since. I’ll read majority of them but when I really need to slow down I go back and read through them and to my surprise they’ve never duplicated, not one. Talk about keeping the content fresh. It’s kinda like reading the piece of paper in a  fortune cookie everyday. You never know what you’re going to get and sometimes it will completely connect and other times it may not make sense right at the moment. But luckily, these emails have more depth to them than a fortune cookie and I encourage you to sign up if you want a little extra enlightenment for your day. Couldn’t hurt right?

The one I’ve chosen for today was sent to me on May 12, 2011 and it reads:

Think of the one area of life that brings you the most discomfort and that’s where you’re ripe for growth.

Never fails,
The Universe

Thank you for reading my blog today! And enjoy the rest of your week. I also tried some new beauty products recently and can’t wait to write up the review. So stayed tuned!

Speak soon,


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