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Hey! Hello! Welcome to the my blog for the first timers, and welcome back to my supporters, to Wellness Wednesday. The day I post a well being post from my collection of ‘Universe’ emails I’ve been receiving since 2011. They originate from a website called and they’re a dose of daily inspiration.

Today, I’ll share a recent experience that really forced me to pull courage from deep inside to not give up. I recently went through an intense California State testing to renew my CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) license which in the long run contributes to my goal was a Registered Nurse. Getting your CNA license is a requirement for some programs but also sets you apart from students that don’t have one. I originally got my license about two and a half years ago and the license expires every two years. The issue with that is I don’t use or practice with my license because my current job doesn’t require those skills, I mainly got the license for the nursing program. So I had to pull out all of my study guides and information from when I took the class over two years ago. Yes, I saved it all. I know, I’m a hoarder. And studied as much as could with what I knew. I went to the testing center beyond nervous yet confident I could do this. When you test or retest for CNA there are two parts, the written portion which is multiple choice and then the skills portion where you have to roll play 5 of the 25 different skills in front of an evaluator. NO PRESSURE, right? I passed the first part of the test, the written portion. But FAILED the skills portion. I was so MORTIFIED. Not only did my worst nightmare come true, FAILING, but knowing I had to retake it just loomed over me. I was ready to walk away that day passing and moving on with my life but no, life doesn’t always go the way we want. Not to mention, the entire experience of being at that testing center and having to wait hours and hours to test. I left the testing center that day mentally exhausted. I was there for over 8 hours, no food, I only brought a snack and totally defeated. I gave myself one day to sulk, one day to shake the bad energy and let my brain recuperate. I even contemplated if I even needed to renew this license! And the answer is yes, so I persisted.

The following Monday I rescheduled the skills test. I even reached out to one of the other testers there with me the first time to see if I could borrow her books. I was determined to pass the second time around. Luckily, she was super sweet and said no problem. So here I was 3 weeks later testing with the evaluators. The nerves, the doubting, everything came up again. But I didn’t let that get the best of me. After about 5 hours of testing with the evaluators, I learned that I PASSED my skills test. I can’t even explain the immense feeling of relief! One less thing off my plate in this intense process. I’m so glad I’m able to write this now minus the emotions of self doubt and judgment. This experience has taught me patience and persistence and for that I’m thankful and even more motivated to obtain my goals.

When I came across this quote, it totally resonated with me given my recent experience. Enjoy.

The reason for all challenges is so that you can finally learn that none are bigger than you.

    The Universe

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