Thoughts become things, choose the good ones

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Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today is Wellness Wednesday and I love posting uplifting words and passages. Over the past few years, I’ve been receiving an email a day from a website called This website creates personalized emails with encouraging words and what’s even better, I have yet to come across an email passage that was duplicated. They keep their content fresh which I love. So I decided to go back into the archives and see which emails still resonate with me and share them with you for my Wellness Wednesday weekly uplifting post.

If you follow my blog you know that I’ve been working diligently toward becoming a Registered Nurse. And yesterday I turned in my first application to a program of a school I’ve been attending. To say I was anxious was an understatement. All of my time spent working toward this is now all on paper to be decided if I have what this program is looking for. All the stress, all the sleepless nights, all the hours studying in one envelope. Almost had an anxiety attack giving away that envelope. But I didn’t thank goodness. I’ve done enough work and I have the tools to ease my mind. Whatever is meant for me will be. Universe, the ball is in your court. Let’s make this happen!

And then I read this email which eased my mind even more. Enjoy!

Melissa, if you go first and reach for the fruit; I’ll shake the tree.

Do a little dance; I’ll add some music.

Move in the direction of your dreams, even though at first nothing seems to happen; I’ll align the stars, butter your bread, connect the dots, trim the hedge, move some mountains, float the boat, and see you at the ball.

Metaphorically. Except for seeing you at the ball.

If you go first, 
    The Universe

Thank you for catching up with me! Have a great week!


In the spirit of Halloween, here is last years costume #thebadhombres