Travel Diaries – Hong Kong/Thailand

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Good day everyone! Hope you’re having a great week so far. My week is flying by and the anticipation for my trip is fun yet stressful! I can’t wait to be hanging out at a beach not worrying about anything. And especially can’t wait to share my personal photos on my blog and start a ‘Travel Diaries’ entry.

Every now and again we have to get away and reset our brain. And I feel like that’s what trip do. If you ever have the opportunity to travel international, do it! It’s so worth it and you get to immerse yourself with another culture and learn to appreciate the little things.

This year we’re going to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year and then headed over to Phuket, Thailand for some R&R. This also means I’ll resume my blog the last day of February. Until then, hope everyone has a great two weeks!

Signing off (for now),


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