Where does your protein come from?

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Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog. I’m finally recovered from last month’s travel and almost back on a routine. I was in Asia for two weeks last month and had the time of my life. My previous post has a few photos from the trip if you’re interested in checking them out!

But moving forward, I posted a while back that I changed my diet to reflect that of vegan. Since eating a primarily vegan diet, a question I get asked a lot is ‘where does your protein come from?’ It seems we’ve been conditioned as a society to believe that our main (and only) source for protein is animal protein. At lease for me, prior to going vegan I had ZERO idea about other protein sources. And now that I’ve gone vegan I notice our world is meat based, from the TV we watch to the restaurants we eat, they all (99%) cater to the meat eating community. But protein can also be found in plant based food and I’ve listed them below. This page could also be useful for those following the ketogenic diet which is also heavily based around consuming plenty of protein. With that diet, I recommend taking ketogenic diet supplements which allow you to include more carbohydrates than you would usually be able to. Anyway, that’s a little off topic; back to a vegan diet.

Also I wanted to note that I tracked my protein intake and I average about 30-45 grams of protein a day with a vegan diet. Although we may not think green vegetables have tons of protein it does add up throughout the day. The majority of protein comes from either tofu, which I eat once or twice a week, or legumes and seeds. I also add hemp, flax and chia seeds to any meal I can.

Type Serving
Tempeh Soy 8 oz. 18 g
Sprouted Tofu Soy 6 oz. 20 g
Lentils, cooked Pulse 1 cup 18 g
Mung Beans, cooked Beans 1 cup 14 g
Adzuki Beans, cooked Beans 1 cup 17 g
Garbanzo Beans, cooked Beans 1 cup 14 g
Black Beans, cooked Beans 1 cup 15 g
Black Eyed Peas, cooked Beans 1 cup 14 g
Kidney Beans, cooked Beans 1 cup 15 g
Pinto Beans, cooked Beans 1 cup 15 g
Cannelini Beans, cooked Beans 1 cup 17 g
White Northern Beans, cooked Beans 1 cup 15 g
Brown Rice, cooked Grains 1 cup 5 g
Quinoa, cooked Grains 1 cup 8 g
Amaranth, cooked Grains 1 cup 7 g
Lima Beans, cooked Vegetables 1 cup 15 g
Green Peas, cooked Vegetables 1 cup 9 g
Kale, steamed Vegetables 1 cup 2.5 g
Spinach, steamed Vegetables 1 cup 5 g
Chard, steamed Vegetables 1 cup 3.3 g
Mustard Greens, steamed Vegetables 1 cup 3.6 g
Collard Greens, steamed Vegetables 1 cup 5 g
Dandelion Greens Vegetables 1 cup 2.1 g
Broccoli, steamed Vegetables 1 cup 2.6 g
Brussel Sprouts, steamed Vegetables 1 cup 4 g
Almonds Nuts 1/4 cup 7 g
Walnuts Nuts 1/4 cup 4.5 g
Cashews Nuts 1/4 cup 4 g
Pistachios Nuts 1/4 cup 6 g
Pine Nuts Nuts 1/4 cup 4 g
Pecans Nuts 1/4 cup 2 g
Brazil Nuts Nuts 1/4 cup 5 g
Hazelnuts Nuts 1/4 cup 5 g
Sesame Seeds Seeds 1/4 cup 7 g
Sunflower Seeds Seeds 1/4 cup 8 g
Pumpkin Seeds Seeds 1/4 cup 7 g
Hemp Seeds Seeds 3 T 11 g
Flax Seeds Seeds 2 T 3.5 g
Chia Seeds Seeds 2 T 6 g

This chart was found at www.foodbybri.com.

Bon Appetite!


Tofu Scramble with Black Beans and Avocado

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